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Release Date: June 14, 2012
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Better Lands

Sail away from the cries of your cynical thoughts
Sail away from the hurry to prove them wrong
Sail away from the voices that can’t help but bring you down
Let them think they know something then sail away

Sail away from the land where your dreams seem unreal
Sail away to where you don’t have to do, where you only have to be
Sail away from the striving, sail away from the struggle
Sail away to the heavens, they’re right here in your hands
Sail away to better lands.


You’re acting all brave like you don’t feel a thing
Your heart is in glass, you can’t hide a storm from me
Your tears running down your throat, swallow
A bowling ball, a mouthful of six inch nails

This pain inside your head is killing me

I won’t be the one to say that time heals everything
Well I know it’s true, but you wouldn’t want me to
Though I’ve been there a thousand times before, still I
Never know the words that save

Now who made that hole in your chest?
Now you deserve some rest

Open the valves and let it flow
You wouldn’t want to keep that cancer into you
Just don’t let your soul get stuck in muddy waters
When the fog is gone, you’ll find a road ahead

And I’ll be there cheering for you
Like you’ve been there before for me
For me.


Treasure me just like a child
Let me see the light in you
Give your love a little while
Let me be the light in you

Drop your weapons on the ground
Let your anger slip away
Don’t be fool when I’m around
Welcome my boat in your bay

Spread your wings
Spread them wide
Say something
Let it slide.

Big Blue House

Money, oh money can’t buy you love, it’s true
But it can pay for this dinner
I swear I’ll pay you back someday
Before I’m old and grey

‘Cause I believe in something better than what we’re used to know
And I believe in miracles, your love is one to me

But one day, one day we’ll drink some wine my love
In a big blue house of our own

Money, oh money on my mind and I can’t sleep
There’s a ring that I would love to buy for you
But it ain’t gonna pay for itself

And I try and I try and I try
I won’t lie to you, I get pretty scared sometimes

But one day, one day I’ll see you smile my love
For no reason at all.

Mrs. Sunshine

Mrs. Sunshine, you’re strong enough to smile
Do you need me, do you need me anymore?
I could settle and watch you from my tower
Would it make me, would it make me nice?

Mrs. Feather, you’re brave enough to fly
Do you love me, do you love me anymore?
I could give up, I’m sure you’d understand
But would you want me, would you want me in your land?

Mrs. Flower, you sleep within my cave
Do you see me, do you see me anymore?
Hear this song, and tell me if it’s good
Is it good enough, is it good enough for you?

Mrs. Sunshine, don’t miss the point, I love you

Mrs. Sunshine, you chase the dark away and I need you, I need you
Mrs. Feather, you raise my lead soul to the sky and I love you, I love you.


Don’t die in my arms, nineteen-two
Don’t give up on me
Don’t let go of my arm, nineteen-two
Don’t let go of me

I need you more than you think, nineteen-two
I need you more than anyone else does
Why can’t you love me, nineteen-two?
Even when I dream of you?

I keep telling myself it’s for the better
But how could that be?
Man is an Ocean, deep and troubled,
Its bed is looking for the light.

Shooting Black Stars

Appealing shadows
Wonders of the dark
I used to drown in your charms
I used to drink your beautiful lies

Now I see white when I close my eyes

Children lost in fear
When did we learn to be so afraid?
You keep the spotlight on the monsters
You treat us like broken beggars

Now I see white when I close my eyes.

Pretty Galway

Pretty Galway, you’ve seen my toughest times
And you’ve been good to me
Pretty Galway you’ve heard me sing my blues away
Oh Pretty Galway

Pretty Galway you’ve seen me lost
In my life and in your streets
Singing for a penny
And saving up for a Murphy’s and a bed
Looking at the sky
Will it rain again today?
Will it rain again today?
On Pretty Galway…

Pretty Galway you’re full of angels
For the broken-hearted busker
I left you on the 23rd,
Spent Christmas in a bus station
With the junkies and the homeless
But I didn’t mind
‘Cause you were still on my mind.


Baby I think something’s wrong
We’re living in the shadow of our future
Well, I’m just too fond of you

And the tidal waves they keep on
Erasing our letters in the sand
And the sailors won’t even know

Bring back the winter so we can write them in the snow
Come on my lover, stay here, oh please don’t go

‘Cause I’m never free without you

Maybe we just don’t belong
You’re asking me to be somebody else
Well, I’m not as strong as you

And the tidal waves they keep on
Collapsing our castles to the ground
And the swimmers won’t even know

Bring back the winter so we can build them in the snow
Come on my lover, stay here, oh please don’t go

‘Cause I’m always lost without you

Two Birds

I’m a bird stuck in a stormy night
Trying to make it to a tree
And I found you on my way
Let’s fly real high ‘till the morning comes

You don’t need to be scared at all
No flood can drown a flying bird

Say you will
Say you will
Say you will
Follow me

And we’ll learn to read the winds better
Always best to have them on your side
And we’ll rest when we want to
On a floating branch somewhere

You don’t need to be scared at all
Life is good to those who dare to try

High, high
High, high.


Learning to keep it all inside
Looking for a place to hide
I gotta let it go, it’s alright, yeah
Nothing ever changes but I can
I gotta leave the war zone when the bombs
Start to fall from the sky I know
Learning to be invisible
Looking for a peace within
A haven in my soul, where I can go
Whenever I feel broken in some way
A forest full of healing for my scars
Where you cannot get in unless you come with love.