December 2008. David is playing Radiohead songs in the streets of Galway, Ireland. A few months before, he left a job at Ubisoft Montreal where he was working as an audio designer. He thought this trip would give him some answers as to why he is unhappy and has pretty much always been. Didn’t work.

A few days before coming back to Canada, he decides to leave Galway for an island a few hundred miles from there, hoping this is where he’ll find the answers he’s been looking for. He hitchhikes until dark, sleeps under a bridge, walks another 10 miles in the mountains, against a wind so strong it won’t let him fall to the ground. He encounters a flock of sheep, and they start walking with him as if he was their shepherd. He finally makes it to the beach. It’s december; there’s no one there.

He sits. He watches the angry sea. He waits for the epiphany… but nothing comes.

And then he realizes. The answers aren’t there. All his life, he’s been striving to get to someplace else, thinking everything would make sense once he got there. But there is no treasure at the end of the road. The road is the treasure.

He understands at that precise moment that there is no goal for him to achieve. There is nothing for him to do but what makes him happy. Music. Life will just take care of the rest.

The three story high waves on the ocean collapse and die.

Peace. Stillness.

He comes back to Galway, picks up his guitar and writes a song that will become Will Driving West’s first single “Thieves”.

Will Driving West makes music from the soul, for the soul. Every song has a story, a purpose. They do not write for the radio, they do not dilute their sound to reach the masses. Even so, they sold 15,000 albums in an era when no one sells albums anymore, they played hundreds of shows including Montreal International Jazz Festival and Canadian Music Week and they accomplished that while being completely independent and self-managed. Their music has been featured on international film credits, popular TV series and commercials on more than 30 occasions. They are currently composing the score for Louise Archambault’s upcoming film, “Il pleuvait des oiseaux”.

They are a Volkswagen Westfalia on the right lane of the highway, more concerned about the beauty of the landscape than the destination.