‘Painkillers’ Live (Intimate Show)


You’re acting all brave like you don’t feel a thing
Your heart is in glass, you can’t hide a storm from me
Your tears running down your throat, swallow
A bowling ball, a mouthful of six inch nails

This pain inside your head is killing me

I won’t be the one to say that time heals everything
Well, I know it’s true, but you wouldn’t want me to
Though I’ve been there a thousand times before, still I
Never know the words that save

Now who made that hole in your chest?
Now you deserve some rest

Open the valves and let it flow
You wouldn’t want to keep that cancer into you
Just don’t let your soul get stuck in muddy waters
When the fog is gone, you’ll find a road ahead

And I’ll be there cheering for you
Like you’ve been there before for me
For me

The song ‘Painkillers’, shot during a series of intimate shows we made in 2012 before the release of our second album ‘Castles’.
The video was directed and edited by Alex Labbé and the sound was recorded by Daniel Fontaine-Bégin.