‘Big Blue House’ Live (Intimate Show)


Money, oh money can’t buy you love it’s true
But it can pay for this dinner
I swear I’ll pay you back someday
Before I’m old and gray

‘Cause I believe in something better
Than what we’re used to know
And I believe in miracles
Your love is one to me

But one day… one day we’ll drink some wine my love
In a big blue house of our own

Money, oh money on my mind and I can’t sleep
There’s a ring that I would love to buy for you
But it ain’t gonna pay for itself

And I try and I try and I try
I won’t lie to you
I get pretty scared sometimes

But one day… one day I’ll see you smile my love
For no reason at all

The song ‘Big Blue House’, shot during a series of intimate shows we made in 2012 before the release of our second album ‘Castles’.
The video was directed and edited by Alex Labbé and the sound was recorded by Daniel Fontaine-Bégin.