‘Grow’ Live in Studio


Here we go again, watching them grow while we stay down here
And jealousy is a sneaky enemy

Trying to keep the love the love floating around, kill the darkest thoughts
Focus on the bright side trying to play things right

“No need to worry” loops in my head, just give it some time
Though our way is different, doesn’t make it wrong

Although I do know all these mantras don’t last through the night
When my guard is down, I lose another round

One day I’ll be dying, maybe then I’ll know what this all meant
Only I hope I don’t have to wait this long.

This song was recorded live in Studio Plante Verte, Beloeil, QC, CA.
It was filmed by Sébastien Landry and edited by Philippe Gariépy.

The song is called ‘Grow’ and can be found on our third album ‘FLY’.