‘Mrs. Sunshine’ Live (Intimate Show)


Mrs. Sunshine

You’re strong enough to smile
Do you need me, do you need me anymore?
I can settle and watch you from my tower
Will it make me, will it make me nice?

Mrs. Feather
You’re brave enough to fly
Do you love me, do you love me anymore?
I could give up, I’m sure you’d understand
But would you want me, would you want me in your land?

Mrs. Flower
You sleep within my cave
Do you see me, do you see me anymore?
Hear this song and tell me if it’s good
Is it good enough, is it good enough for you?

Mrs. Sunshine, don’t miss the point, I love you

Mrs. Sunshine you chase the dark away and I need, and I need you
Mrs. Feather you raise my led soul to the sky and I love you, and I love you

The song ‘Mrs. Sunshine’, shot during a series of intimate shows we made in 2012 before the release of our second album ‘Castles’.
The video was directed and edited by Alex Labbé and the sound was recorded by Daniel Fontaine-Bégin.